My Universe
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Welcome to My Universe.

My Universe is a project that aimsto launch the local gaming and financial system related to metaverse technology and make it a real metaverse-powered web3 project. Togetherwith our team, which has been experienced in game development for many years, it will allow you to experience a real metaverse universe.
Our goal is to build a leading NFT ecosystem in the field of blockchain that delivers sustainable values to our users and investors. Our technology with a large ecosystem establishes a strong structure with MY Universe Nfts.
It is a VR game technology with thousands of planets inside an infinite universe. Interplanetary wars, arena battles, and companies based on planets dec to create their own universe with cities. Using web3 technology and VR technology, it allows people to earn tokens through play to earn and allows the winning team to earn tokens as a result of their battles with each other.
Please read our white paper and discover great earning opportunities from My Universe!
Finally, thank you for being a part of the My Universe community!
My Universe Team.
Website : https://myuniverse.online
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